allyson tintiangco allyson tintiangco a Pinayist. She is a 25 year old Californian FliPinay, mostly from the Bay Area but did her time in L.A. She is finishing her Ph.D. in Education, teaching English Proficiency at Balboa High School, counseling Filipinos with substance abuse and alcohol dependency at ODASA (Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Service for Asians), freelance writing, working on a couple of books, and actually eating, sleeping and making love. The poem anthologized on infliptration is about her love for herself and her abilities to love, its about love loss love gained love here love there love in love out love same love change love lost love found. The poem is also about revolution external revolution internal revolution fantasized revolution tangible revolution hate revolution love.

"At the Risk"
Re-re-re-rec. 5/16/97 in olivia's evil white landlord's in-laws studio, sf...1245.
Orig. Rec. 5/15/97 in daddy's sunroom, frmnt. 0110/ un-final cut...0855.

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