This CD, infliptration: a youngblood r.evoultion, was inspired by the visions of Al Robles. Like many of my colleagues and kasamas, I am always researching and discovering new and old Filipino arts both here on the Great Turtle island and in the Philippines. Painters have murals, graffiti artists have bombs, musicians have music, singers have songs, rappers have rap and poets have spoken word. Spoken word is revealing of one's poetry that the writer performs live. Writers/poets have done events and this is the first time we have recorded our voices onto CD. Documentation of our oral traditions is extremely important so future generations can examine what we have done in our time. This is the first Filipino spoken word/music anthology on CD in history. Groundbreaking work by the West Coast Gangster Choir with Jessica Hagedorn, limited copies of the cassette Native Tongue produced by Alejandro Murguia, a bootleg teacher's edition anthology of Asian Pacific Islander poetry are monumental in our history. This collection deliberately documents a variety of young people ranging from the unseasoned poet to the published writer. Recorded on location like a raw audio version of cinema verite, we recorded where we could: from a room under construction to a bathroom, from a cafe to a garage, from a church to the curbside. The Flips on this collection represent the universal voice that is shared by people displaced from their mother country or themselves. These talented artists took the opportunity to chronicle their work, work that may never have been noticed beyond their journals or an occasional readings, and to add to our oral traditions their words and emotions that reveal to us fear and courage, doubt and confidence, weaknesses and strengths in a world that requires balance. As Flips, we have entered and positioned ourselves in American culture infliptrating as astroflip youngbloods or superflip manangs/manongs. Whether we are part of a revolution for social change or the evolution of self in everyday life, this CD will need to be listened to and not just heard.


produced by lakas magbubukid

last and most important, give thanks and praises to our ancestors that live through us.

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