olivia may malabuyo olivia may malabuyo

i love words and expression- maraming salamat not only for listening but for FEELING. have you ever had a dream or a message from the stars that make you want to lyricize philosophize and share the wisdom within? Listen to your SELF… And the world will hear you scream by only a whisper! Who am I? I am a vision full of love, respecting life knowing spirit- world exists reflecting my FAMILY. You know who you are! KAPAYPAAN (peace)

"you can call it revolution"
On the top drawer: mark a. malabuyo
On the bottom drawer: botchok inchek beho tulo laway jayjasper japitenga pugao
On the snerk: aleks figueroa
On the audience: anita
Rec. 5/29/97@garrick macatangay's 1st apartment …2330.

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